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            連鎖企業,產品生產基地設立于河北省滄州市,占地面積3000多平米,員工100多人。公司倡導 “綠色美味、健康環保、傳統與創新”的現代飲食文化和“誠實、熱情、務實、創新的經營理念,專心致力于休閑飲食的研究開發與推廣,服務大眾、造福社會。樂萬家食品技術加盟



            Beijing Music 10 000 franchisors in the food technology CaiHuYing Fengtai District of Beijing, is a collection of food R & D and equipment, snack food development, consulting engineering services for the integrated food chain, product production base established in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province , covers an area of 3,000 square meters, more than 100 employees. The company advocates "green delicious, healthy environment, tradition and innovation" of the modern food culture and the "honest, passionate, practical, innovative business ideas, to concentrate on research and development dedicated to leisure and promotion of food to serve the public, for the benefit of the community. Le 10000 Food Technology Join
            Headquarters to concentrate efforts in the Western and traditional snack food technology innovation and promotion, organization of technical development, brand operations and market integration, the "customers first" principle, wholeheartedly

            Commitment to small business catering projects for small to those who venture to build a new platform, to more unemployed people, unemployed people, migrant workers provide an opportunity to realize their ambitions

            So that every business to get rich through the realization of dreams of joining Vanguard music. Music 10000 Chinese cuisine food franchisors Union as the core members have been involved in the study of Chinese snack

            To continuously improve the taste of snacks, snack taste for all kinds of people for to allow customers to learn the unique technical information obtained to make it easier for business customers, business easier!

            ! Le 10 000 food franchisors R & D, production and sales of reduced too much due to the middle part of the phenomenon caused by waste of money, the real benefits to customers with the most thoughtful service.

            Le 10 000 franchisors snack car since its inception has maintained zero complaint record of business purpose: to assure our customers to join, safe operation! Easy start!

            公司名稱: 北京樂萬家食品加盟中心
            企業類型: 小吃加盟
            聯系人: 樂萬家  先生


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            地址: 北京市豐臺區菜戶營橋鵬潤家園靜苑B座1012 郵政編碼: 未填寫(北京:北京市)
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