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              擔仔面又有人叫“肉臊面”,肉臊其實是鹵肉的一種,現在成為了臺灣南部的一種經典小吃。臺灣的鹵味、特別是鹵肉,是揚名海外的,肉臊就是以純瘦肉的鹵肉,用較甜的鹵汁鹵過,再切丁、加上新鮮蒜瓣一起炒,非常的香。炒好以后加入面中,就是擔仔面了。特色:特點便是里面的肉臊是用木炭火烤的。按照現在的做法,擔仔面里面一般會加一只蝦進去,而肉臊是用鹵肉來爆炒而來。 原料:肉臊(純瘦肉的鹵肉),蒜,油面.值得注意的是,擔仔面的面又不是一般的面條,而是一種叫做“油面”的面條,這種圓形的面條口感爽滑彈牙,相互不粘連,很能與肉臊的口感相搭配。






            Worried noodles originated in Tainan area is a snack, his full name also known as the degree ozuki worried noodles. The time of its origin may be the Qing period, because Tainan sea, so many people fishing for the industry, but seven Tainan summer, in August typhoons often intrusive, leading to difficult cross wind and rain plus fishing, the livelihood of a sudden it difficult, so that typhoon frequently difficult to maintain the livelihood of the month for the ozuki. Therefore, some fisherman fishing in no time, they opted to sell pasta to maintain their livelihood through catching colors, and then begin to emerge, "Degree ozuki worried noodles" This is a variety of food.

            Degree ozuki worried noodles in the Tainan area, today there are many shops, this Road, the main ingredient of pasta: the oil surface, bean sprouts, coriander, shrimp, a little ground-pork sauce, and unique offerings.

            Others worried noodles called "meat shy side", the meat is stewed meat and a smell of urine, has now become a classic snack in southern Taiwan. Taiwan mei, especially braised pork, is famous overseas, meat smell of urine is to lean meat of stewed meat, stewed with the marinade had a more sweet, then diced, fried together with fresh garlic, very savory. After adding a good fried noodles, the noodles are worried. Characteristics: The characteristics of the meat inside is the smell of urine is charcoal grilled's. In accordance with current practice, which in general will be worried noodles plus a shrimp inside, and smell of urine is stewed meat to stir from. Raw materials: meat smell of urine (lean meat of braised pork), garlic, oil surface. It is noteworthy that the face of fear noodle noodles are not ordinary, but something called the "oil side" noodles, round noodles that taste slippery shells teeth, mutual non-adhesive, it can taste with the meat smell of urine matched.

            Provide high-quality lean meat protein for human and essential fatty acids, can provide hemoglobin (organic iron) and the promotion of iron absorption cysteine, can improve iron deficiency anemia.

            Worried noodles practices:

            1. Tam noodle ingredients content: the oil surface, bean sprouts, coriander, shrimp, balsamic vinegar, garlic, pork foam, soy sauce

            2. With boiled head of the prawn noodle soup made of fear

            3. In hot water with boiled noodles and bean sprouts, the need to constantly shake up and down about

            4. With the decision feel fry noodles Maturity put a bowl 5. Topped with minced meat suitable 6. Join the head of the prawn soup 7. Adding an appropriate amount shrimp 8. Topped with a little balsamic vinegar, a little garlic, ready for 9. Tam Chai finished surface and side dishes: eggs, stewed pork ball.
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