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                    據記者了解,并不是僅澤州一中門口有這種不衛生的小吃攤,市區不少學校門口也有。記者希望相關部門能整治一下學校周邊的飲食環境,讓孩子吃的衛生。(記者 李。Recently, a parent surnamed Zhang, call the hotline to the newspaper report: "Zezhou a food stand in front of the school's very health, children often eat here. Stall business and make money that we can understand, but to the schools can regulate food stalls in front of some, to the children's diet to provide a clean and healthy environment, we as parents will have nothing to worry about. "
            Recently saw an interview, a lieutenant colonel Zezhou a dozen snack stalls outside. There rinse string, Sausage, tofu, sausage, meatballs, etc., is really full range of different styles. Most of these small stall a car, a stove and an iron rack to constitute a summary of the workshop, dare not let health compliment.

            The reporters found that these food stalls are all tools and materials used in a basin of dark water with a simple wash to bin. Stinky tofu stall in a former journalist saw diners bowl with a plastic bag on the sets, the diners finished, stall holders and then directly with the gloves and throw away a plastic bag to wait for the next one then.

            At this point it is time for the evening school, a small roadside food hot temptation of school children. For a time, full of snacks around Tanqian student, you a Sausage, my bowl of meat balls, eat gusto. Busy stall, single-handedly charged the child's pocket money in one hand busy making food. A gust of wind blowing, the wind rolled down the sand road. Good food has long been stained with a layer of dust on the suddenly could stall holders do not mind, readily swing pendulum, the dust was immediately covered up.

            "We also know that this unsanitary, but good to eat, say a few are okay to eat." One student told reporters. "Will eat a few dollars, not expensive. Old school canteen to eat rice, but also tired!" Another student said.

            According to report, is not the only one in the door Zezhou such unhygienic food stalls, many urban school gate, too. Journalists hope that the relevant departments to look around the school improvement eating environment for children to eat health. (Xinhua Li Jian)

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