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                在開源節流方面,家;疱佖撠熑巳绱酥д校簩⒁酝鶄鹘y的大鍋底料,分成2-3人的小鍋和8人的大鍋!斑@樣既降低了成本,也不用將成本壓力轉嫁給消費者!贝送,將大鍋散裝米飯改成小缽蒸飯,按份數收錢,也可讓食客接受收費。Recently, Chongqing Tian your friends were asked to eat hot pot for 50 yuan, "minimum." He acknowledged his complaint, which leads the industry on how the discussion of the normal rates.

            Minimum consumption of unconscionability

            Instituted the "minimum consumption" phenomenon of repeated, Southwest University of Political Science Professor Wei Feng admitted that the "minimum consumption" is a violation of law, common sense and moral terms of the King, is unfair to consumers as a transaction.

            Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Chongqing, director of Yu Jun complaint also said the minimum consumption of the hot pot restaurant standards, is blatantly unfair trade practices in violation of the "Consumer Protection Law" and other relevant laws and regulations.

            About 20% of the pot industry minimum spending

            However, according to visits to understand it, Chongqing hot pot industry, about 20% of the operators has a minimum threshold, more than 50 yuan for fees.

            Person riding a dragon pot frankly, as to ensure the quality and cost reasons, they have been opened since the minimum consumption requirement, since all of its chains, stores, set up in different regions according to each pot 50 yuan, 60 yuan, 80 yuan is not such as minimum standards. In addition, they also based on different regions, in some stores set for 15 yuan and 20 yuan in the bottom of the pot charge. But he emphasized that the store "So far there is no implementation of the provisions, because the consumer to shop guests can exceed the bottom line."

            Jiafu, riding a dragon and other hot companies said in an interview, compared with the previous one or two years, rents have turned restaurant facade several times, artificial about 7% from the original 20 now risen to 30%, raw and auxiliary materials price growth amounted to 5 to 6%. In addition, tea, rice, white fungus soup, air conditioning or even glasses cloth, are considered in the pot museum gift items. Relying solely dishes charges, have made the pot industry is difficult to profit.

            Formal charges can be in a proper way

            One in the pot industry professionals for many years, said the establishment of minimum consumption, the operator is indeed a last resort. However, the person admitted to the lowest consumption of the customers shut out, is purely a name is not correct words ring true. "Difficult to accept guests, also damaged the credibility of the operators."

            He believes that minimum age was originally a product of extensive management, stress management is now standardized, the best and most correct way, should be "the charges to generous, frankly income, should not be collected should know how to give up" .

            In income and reduce expenditure, the Society is so hot Leader Weapon: The big pot of traditional materials, divided into 2-3 person pot and the pot 8. "This not only reduces the cost, they do not pass on to consumers the cost pressures." Furthermore, the pot of rice into a small bowl of steamed rice in bulk, by the number of copies money, and also allows patrons to accept charges.

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