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              洲際生意所數據閃現,到8月9日的一周,對沖Distinguish the threshold: adulteration is a good way of making a fake, and some must have professional examination.

            The industry knows and also reminds us that there are many kinds of adulteration and counterfeiting in the market, some of which need professional inspection organizations to distinguish. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the best to grasp the identification of common sense, really do not understand is still to buy, it is only necessary to see the brand, prestige part of the timber tree species certificate, customs import declaration, product quality inspection statement, product description and other information. Sign together with different kinds of materials for mahogany furniture.


            Data from the Intercontinental Business Institute showed that hedge funds and other fund managers had almost halved their long positions in Brent crude futures by the week ending Aug. 9, cutting 47,019 to 48,852. Such investors also reduced the number of diesel multi chips by 20207 hands in the same period, with only 43538 more. Sugar, which has always been a monster, is once again in high spirits in autumn. In the past three months, the price has soared from a low of 6120 yuan per ton to a high of 7534 yuan. In order to stabilize the rising sugar prices, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance announced recently that the eighth batch of national stored sugar will be put into the country on August 22, with a quantity of 200,000 tons. In August 5th, 200 thousand tons were left. On the one hand is the consumption season of the grim inventory, on the other hand is already high sugar prices, in the key node, the market is difficult to determine its clear trend.

            The announcement of the NDRC announced that the bid price was 300 tons and the bid price was 4000 yuan per ton. After the news was released, shopping arcade was under pressure. In yesterday's market decline, the white sugar 1201 main contract fell 96 points to 7349 yuan per ton. Volume of 1 million 680 thousand hands, while the position is still in 800 thousand hands. According to the Nandu reporter, many kinds of beans and oils have been moved to 1205 contracts, while sugar 1201 is still little changed, flash funds are still expected to fight fiercely.基金和其他基金司理簡直將所持布倫特原油期貨多頭頭寸折半,大減47019手,至48852手。此類出資者同期亦將柴油多頭頭寸削減20207手,僅余43538手!膩硌允愕陌滋窃诮鹎镌俣劝l威,近3個月來價格從每噸6120元低點直飛高點7534元。為安穩節節攀升的食糖價格,國家發改委、商務部、財務部日前宣告將于8月22日投進第8批國家儲藏糖,數量20萬噸。而就在8月5日,現已拋儲20萬噸。一邊是消費旺季的嚴峻庫存,一邊是已位居高位的糖價,在現在要害節點,商場人士亦難以決斷其明晰走勢。


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